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Saturday, July 8th , 2017
Group Class at 8-9pm
Ballroom dancing 9-11pm
Theme: American Revolution
Lesson—American Viennese with Alex Zyrianov from Metropolitan Ballroom 

Fun facts about the American Revolution

*The Americans of 1776 had the highest standard of living and the lowest taxes in the Western World! 

*Benedict Arnold was the best general in the            Continental Army! 
*There were two Boston tea parties! 
*History's first submarine attack took place in New York Harbor in 1776! 
*By 1779 as many as one in seven Americans in Washington's army were black! 
*By 1779, there were more Americans fighting with the British than with Washington! 
*At Yorktown, the victory that won the war, Frenchmen outnumbered Americans almost three to one! 

 So let’s be thankful and celebrate this great country of ours.  Wear the red, white and blue.  Any George and Martha Washingtons, Ben Franklins or Benedict Arnolds out there?   And if you are a Loyalist you are welcome too!  No hard feelings!

​Enjoy a 1- hour group lesson then 2 hours of ballroom dancing.

Music by DJ Maria St. John

Delicious Colonial food and beverages will be served.

Members $10 
Guests $15
Student member with ID $5 
Student guests with ID $10 
First time guests $10

Dance hosts $10
Join or renew at a chapter dance and get in for $5!

No partner or experience necessary.

Metropolitan Ballroom

2935 Providence Road Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28211




Welcome to our Charlotte chapter #6029, a non profit amateur dance association, with over 150 chapters across America and over 130 college ballroom programs.

Welcome to the Charlotte chapter 

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Whether you're a beginner or a pro this is the place to go where social dancing is fun.  We are an organization of amateur ballroom dancers.

Our chapter's goals are to educate our community on the health benefits and fun of dance. We provide opportunities to socialize at our monthly dances and special events as well as to support our community through scholarships for USA Dance competitors.

We welcome all levels of dancers and no partner is necessary. We have mixers and everyone is encouraged to change partners throughout the evening to experience the most our dances have to offer.

We hold our dances on the second Saturday of the month from 8 to 11 p.m.  Each month we offer a one hour lesson with a local, professionally trained instructor followed by social dancing to the music from a local DJ.

So whether you are just venturing out into the world of ballroom dancing or you are an experienced dancer we welcome you and hope you will join us!

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